Top 10 Irish t-shirts for St. Patrick's Day 2017

For those who do not know what this day is, St. Patrick's Day is an annual national day of the Ireland people. It is to memorize Saint Patrick – a patron saint – who brought Christianity to Ireland. Besides, Shamrock is also considered as the National Flower of this country.

On St. Patrick's Day, the Ireland folks will wear green Irish t-shirts, go to the clubs, bars or pubs, chug and drink green beer or a special whiskey and then get lucky.

Thus, if you have some Irish friends, this annual national day is an ideal occasion to gift them a meaningful present, a t-shirt for example. Or if you are an Irishman who is looking for a perfect shirt to wear on this holiday, just read this article. Here we will offer you 10 hints to choose the best Irish t-shirts on St. Patrick's Day 2017. Let’s get started!

1. Irish girl classy sassy and a bit bad assy

    Bad girls rule the world! Let this Irish shirt show off who you are and how proud of you to be a classy, sassy and a bit bad assy Irishwoman.

    2. The force is drunk with this one

    This shirt is a perfect combination between Irish Day and Star War Movie. So, if you are an Irishman who is also a fan of this famous movie, don’t miss out this funny t-shirt.

    3. Sassy Irish lassie

      Again, another choice for those bad Irish girls, this sassy Irish lassie t-shirt is perfect to wear or gift on this national holiday.

      4. I'm Irish Not because I was born in Ireland, But because Ireland was born In me

        A meaningful shirt to be a meaningful present on a meaningful holiday. Perfect! Why not?

        5. Straight Outta Ireland

          If you are looking for simple and bold Irish t-shirts, why don’t you pick this perfect Straight outta Ireland shirt to enjoy St. Patrick's Day 2017?

          6. I'm Irish, i only look sweet & innocent

            Opposite to the concept of No.1 and No.3 Irish t-shirts above, this shirt is for sweet and innocent Irishwomen. Don’t miss out this item for your Irish girl because St. Patrick's Day 2017 is coming very closely.

            7. I'm irish i was born with my heart on my sleeve a fire in my soul and a mouth i can't control

              You know what. The Irish Day may be boring unless you make it multi-shade by letting the Irish pride be reflected from different characteristics. So here, an Irish shirt for those who were born with their heart on their sleeve!

              8. Irish girls leave a trail of magic wherever they go

                Show off your pride, love and sincerity to St. Patrick’s Day with this funny Irish girls leave a trail magic wherever they go. On the other hand, this shirt is a perfect gift for your Irish girlfriend, mother or loved ones.

                9. How to speak irish

                  Humorous Irish people should have a humorous shirt covering their body on the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day 2017. If you are looking for such apparel, why don’t you consider this?

                  10. American Grown Irish Roots

                    A strong way to show off your pride on the Irish Day! Tell the world your American grown Irish roots with this t-shirt and get lucky.

                    We have just shown you the 10 best Irish t-shirts from our collection on this St. Patrick’s Day 2017. Hope that it is helpful for you to make the best decision. Keep calm and Irish on! Have an amazing holiday!

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